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Photo: Custom made bow tie by Edward Armah

Custom Men's
Ties and Bow Ties

Perhaps the first question that might come to mind is why would a man need a custom tie. Obviously, the most pressing item would be that ties off the rack are made to fit the average person, and who is average?

Those of us who are shorter in stature might find that ties are a little too long, while the taller or larger statured among us might find their neckwear coming up a bit short. We might find a tie too wide or too narrow, or the knot unable to fill the tie space. For a wedding, we can do matching bows or ties in any color. Perhaps we want one particular color of stripe in suit or shirt to be brought to the forefront by our neckwear. Any of these may be reason to have a special piece of neckwear created just for us. We can even have a pocket square made to coordinate with the same material to be used for the tipping on the inside of the tie. One can even have one's own fabric made into a special tie, whether a family tartan, a school color or a fabric from one's suit, jacket or shirt. Your custom tie will be made by hand in New York by John Kochis, whom Robb Report magazine named as "Best of the Best" for custom neckwear, and available exclusively at Liles Clothing Studio.

We applaud the individuality of the bow tie wearer. Once the choice of the tweedy professor crowd, the bow tie has now gained a place of individualized sartorial excellence. Being unique himself, the bow tie wearer often desires a tie equally special. This is where we offer the customizable bow tie by Edward Armah, Carrot & Gibbs, or Liles Bespoke by John Kochis. Offering differing widths and exact sizing, even combining two different fabrics, our custom bow ties may be designed for formal or day wear. No where but Liles will you find such a selection of custom made bow ties.

Proudly Made in the USA

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