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Ladies' Custom Clothing

Three women wearing custom made clothing

With an abundance of great ladies' shops available, one would think that all might be available for the well-dressed woman. However those offerings might be too trendy, Ill fitting, or of inadequate quality for the money they cost. Even the best that these houses offer might come in multiples of six, so your friend or associate might be wearing the exact same as you. This is where the Liles Bespoke line for ladies will be just what you need. Jackets and trousers, skirts and blouses, dresses and overcoats will all be available to you with a stunning selection of fabric and style options. Unique and feminine details will give your business and social clothes the edge, and tweeds, boucles, velvets, silks, and worsteds offer any option. No longer must you be thrust into a size that never quite fits or a style that rests on the whims of a particular designer of the moment. For the ultimate in beautifully made, great fitting custom clothing for ladies, look no further than Liles Bespoke, our custom ladies clothing line available only at Liles Clothing Studio.

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