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Custom Clothing
for Men and Women

In English tailoring parlance, Bespoke refers to an item not being made until it is spoken for. We at Liles Clothing Studio firmly believe in
that custom lifestyle. We offer you an unprecedented selection of custom suits, custom sport coats, custom shirts and custom trousers, even custom ties, belts and shoes. Many will not order custom clothing, thinking it might be too expensive or too troublesome, but that could not be farther from the truth.

The prices on our custom men's clothing can be very reasonable, offering more value and quality than many comparable designer lines. The fit is guaranteed and the final product is individually styled for you. We offer classic custom suits for business, custom sport coats for casual occasions, and more formal custom attire for special occasions.

Our custom trousers will be made to your personal style and will fit better than anything you have known. Our custom shirts can be designed to be very classic for business or can be made with contrast trims in bolder styles to be worn comfortably with jeans. Our custom ties can be ordered in any width or length and are made to order in New York. Our custom shoes are handmade in Italy for casual or business wear, and our custom belts are made domestically from exotic leathers and are accented with sterling silver buckles. Our experience in custom men's clothing has allowed us to also add custom ladies' business wear to the mix, allowing exciting options for suits, skirts, jackets, trousers and blouses for the discerning woman. Whether hard to fit or particular to please, Liles Clothing Studio offers the Bespoke options for your custom lifestyle.

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